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Physical Fitness Article

Simple Time Saving Exercises

People who endure the day-to-day responsibilities of living participate in many simple time saving exercises and do not even realize it. When a person thinks of ways that they can workout and get into shape, many imagine long, sweaty jogs and expensive gym memberships. The truth is, you do not need any of those things in order to achieve optimal personal fitness. In this article, we will look at some simple time saving exercises that you probably never even considered beneficial to your health.

Think of the many chores and responsibilities that you participate in to keep your home clean and up to par. I am sure that you can create a whole list of the things that you do at home especially if you are a stay at home parent. Activities like sweeping, mopping, washing dishes, washing clothes, dusting, cleaning windows, making up beds, and picking up that long line of toys that your three year old scattered everywhere are all wonderful simple time saving exercises that are sure to benefit your health!

When we are performing common household chores, many of us simply do not realize all of the muscles that we are using to complete these tasks. We are bending, squatting, pushing, pulling, and stretching our bodies constantly by performing these simple household chores. When the body experiences these types of activities it helps to raise the metabolism of the person, tone the person, and aides in the overall health of the person.

There are numerous activities that we may do outside of the home that helps to benefit our overall health as well. These activities include taking out the trash, mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, gardening, and swimming, walking with kids and pets, and other activities. Fun activities like swinging your children, playing ball with the kids, and playing games like hide and seek can be a wonderful way to refresh your body and rejuvenate it for your health.

If you have steps or stairs in or around your home, you may consider walking up and down them for ten minutes a day. This will help to build the strength in your legs and teach you how to breathe efficiently. It has also been found that climbing stairs helps a person to tone up their tummies and the muscles contained in them. For an added bonus, you may consider carrying a pail of water or something else up and down the stairs with you to help to build and tone your upper body as well.

Many people like to unwind from a long and tiring day by taking a hot shower or bath. This is a great opportunity to work out some muscles in your body. Stretch your legs and your arms for some instant relief from aches and pains and to help build and tone those lovely muscles!

Many time saving and simple exercises can be performed by simply doing the things that you have to do each day around your home. Take advantage of these many opportunities to get in shape!

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